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M – TAMBULA: Making All Voices Count – A Grand Challenge for Development


Innovative idea / concept & how does it promote transparency and accountability?

Uganda faces many challenges, one of which is poor public service provision. This system seeks to avail location and directory information about all available public services, provide alerts for epidemics and disease breakouts, HIV Counselling and first aid tips by use of web and mobile technology, Interactive Voice Response coupled with Geo Location, USSD and SMS platforms. There is currently no system thats able to provide all this information because information databases either don’t exist or they are outdated. There is some information that not even Google an provide.The information that is availed is based on what exactly is on ground. The system creates a platform for feedback flow of information between the government and the citizens and also the statistics from the system show which public services are lacking in provision. This way, the government is made more accountable and can also be able to ascertain which services need to be improved and how they should be improved.

What does your government engagement strategy entail?

We are currently working on a partnership with the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, Ministry of Health, and Ministry of Public Service to ensure that we are able to provide updated information and to also create the feedback platform with the government. At all stages of this project, we are looking to involve key government players.

Your idea/concepts’ effect on gender equality, disadvantaged groups and/or grassroots?

This system mainly targets vulnerable groups of people that are in need of convenient access to information about public services such as the elderly, the sick, expectant mothers, people with disabilities, and HIV / AIDs patients. However, this system can be used by all people with access to a phone, whether a smart phone, or feature phone. Therefore it involves everybody, whether they have access to the internet or not and that is its biggest selling point.

Why should YOU win?

I should win because of the impact this project has in my country. It is also a feasible and usable system. Among all the challenges that people face in accessing public services, a lack of information should not be among. This project will be community based to further impact lives

Originally adopted from: http://ideas.makingallvoicescount.org/a/dtd/M-Tambula/16787-26650

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