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Women in Technology Uganda is a non-governmental organization founded and  registered in Uganda in 2012, that aims at zeroing the technological gender gap. WITU believes in the notion of inspiring and training a girl at a time. In the long run, this creates a community of exemplary women ready to taken on careers in technological fields us reducing the gender gap. WITU has established itself as an environment to inspire, train, mentor and share ideas for all budding women in technology in order to realize the vision. We have trained 557 Young women and counting!


A ZERO technological Gender Gap in Uganda


To support young women in local capacity building and skills development for technology and entrepreneurship in Uganda, offering a collaborative environment for training, mentorship, and knowledge sharing in order to drive social and economic development in the region.


To inspire young girls  and women to take on technology related careers
To teach and train in relevant leadership,technology and business education
To create a community of  leaders, technologists and business women

Stunning Works in our portfolio


Career n Leadership

The Career, leadership and Life Skills Program (CLSP) is a three (3) months training program that engages young women from underserved communities who are not in any income generating activity. The young women are trained in STEM, Entrepreneurship, leadership and Life skills. Working with local community leaders and women, we are increasing these young ladies chances at finding gainful employment or starting a business that is technology enabled.

Teaching Kids how to build computers n Code

WITU Tech Kids

The WITU Tech Kids Program runs during holidays every Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9-12pm. The kids are engaged in a creative process of visualization where they are prompted to come up with stories on paper, white board and verbally that they then transform using programs like paint, MS Word and Scratch. We also use tools Read more



The WITU HUB is a haven empowering young women out of poverty through Technology and Business, we offer a supportive environment for young women to dream,, imagine, build and grow enterprises, gain employability skills and become community leaders. HOW IT WORKS An unemployed young women with any education background applies for the different programs at the Hub Read more



SECONDARY CODE GIRLS This program Engages secondary school girls between the ages of 13-18 by introducing them to computer science through clubs that host teach coding and programming languages such as app inventor, ruby on rails, python and user centered design. Teaching girls how to build applications, games, websites and starting them on a life Read more


External Training

The external training program is where individuals and or companies approach us to train them or their employees in the different fields that we train in. We are flexible and can either carry out the training at the WITU Hub or any other place of your convenience. Our training packages are; Microsoft Office Suite Programming Read more



The WITU Hub  hosts computer skills training sessions, networking events, workshops, conferences, business meetings and seminars, meet ups, and brunches for women in tech, business and young girls to further support the increase in number of women in Technology and business in Uganda.  Some of the events that we have held include; Women In Tech and start Read more

CERT team leader Ronald talks to WITU's code girls about computer forensics.

Internship Program

The Internship Program is for young ladies pursing degrees in the ICT field and also youth that have a technological certificate, diploma and/or a degree with basic computing and coding knowledge. They are offered technical training in application development, computer networking, hardware repair and employ-ability skills by WITU or a technical partner. At the end of each training WITU HUB hosts a HACKATHON where the young women are encouraged to identify a need/problem they can solve using their newly acquired/improved skill. Young women are then recommended to different organizations in the market for employment and furtherinternship opportunities.

Upcoming Events



We are kicking off the year with our first event on Friday, 26th February, 2016. Time is 4.00pm to 6.00pm at The WITU Hub. All women with businesses in any field are welcome. Come let’s share ideas on how to expand and grow our businesses.


Female university students that are pursing technology-related courses are invited for the Code Girls Level Up Introductory Session on Friday, 12th February, 2016 from 5.30pm to 7.00pm. Please come with your CVs for easy placement in the different training groups.


The first WITECH Meet-Up for 2016 will be on Friday, 18th March, 2016 at 5.30pm. All women – both professionals and students either pursuing or interested in a technology-related career are invited. Come let’s inspire one another.

Start a Club

As a way of being able to reach all girls interested in our programs, WITU is giving an opportunity to volunteers to start clubs in their local communities. Clubs meet after school and on weekends throughout the year in primary schools, secondary schools and local universities. Through volunteering two hours a week, a volunteer implements the 8 week curriculum designed to teach a wide range of skillsets through multi-level content. Our volunteer instructors have the chance to expose girls in underserved areas to a comprehensive and unique education in Technology.

Code Girl clubs are launching in 10 secondary schools in 2016 and are going to help hundreds of girls gain exposure to ICT education. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to start a club within your community.

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Transforming girls lives through mentoring, teaching, connecting. We Through our Hub that is a safe space for them to learn Code, Business, Health and Life skills.


We have trained 557 Young women and counting!

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