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Women in Technology Uganda aims at Empowering, Inspiring and Training the next generation of Uganda female leaders, business women and technologists.  Our holistic theory of change looks at a girl or young woman’s life in a 360 angle, looking at Personal development, Leadership,Life skill, Health, Computer Science, entrepreneurship & Business skilling and job linkages or smart loans.   In the long run, this creates a community of exemplary women ready to take on careers in technological fields us reducing the gender gap and  business women creating strong and growing SMEs. WITU has established itself as an environment to inspire, train, mentor and share ideas for all budding women in technology in order to realize the vision. We opened the first women focused tech and business hub to support early stage and growing women SMEs.


A Zero Technological Gender Gap to Improve Women and Girl’s Lives


To support young women in local capacity building and skills development for Innovation, technology, leadership and entrepreneurship in Uganda, offering a collaborative environment for training, mentorship, and knowledge sharing in order to drive social and economic development in the region.


To inspire young girls  and women to take on technology related careers
To teach and train in relevant leadership,technology and business education
To create a community of  women leaders, technologists and business women

To improve learning out comes of girls by introducing them to STEM at an early age


Innovation: We strive to challenge existing practices, striving to find ways to continuously improve, as a means of developing creative solutions and putting them into action.
Teamwork: A commitment to common goals based on open and honest communication while showing concern and support for each other.
Integrity: We act with honesty, doing the right thing always.
Quality Assurance: WITU values high quality standards in the work it does. We ensure that our works embeds creativity in all we do.
Young women centred: We place young women at the centre of our interventions to ensure that they are involved in all our programs.

Start a Club

As a way of being able to reach all girls interested in our programs, WITU is giving an opportunity to volunteers to start clubs in their local communities. Clubs meet after school and on weekends throughout the year in primary schools, secondary schools and local universities. Through volunteering two hours a week, a volunteer implements the 8 week curriculum designed to teach a wide range of skillsets through multi-level content. Our volunteer instructors have the chance to expose girls in underserved areas to a comprehensive and unique education in Technology.

Code Girl clubs are launching in 10 secondary schools in 2016 and are going to help hundreds of girls gain exposure to ICT education. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to start a club within your community.

Stunning Works in our portfolio

Career and Leadership

The Career, leadership and Life Skills Program (CLSP)  is a three (3) to (6) months training program that engages young girls and women that have dropped out of school and are from underserved communities who are not in any income generating activity. The young women are trained in STEM, Entrepreneurship, leadership and Life skills. Working with local community leaders and women, we are increasing these young ladies chances at finding gainful employment or starting a business that is technology enabled.


The WITU HUB is women founders development hub that catalyses women-run start ups and offers invaluable guidance through leadership training, business development, technical advise, consulting, mentoring, network connections, access to markets and investors. IT runs a 12 week accelerator program and incubation of women who want to be leaders and powerful entrepreneurs with successful businesses within Africa. Read more


STEM EDUCATION FOR GIRLS IN SCHOOL   During school terms, we train girls in primary school from ages of 8-13, working with school teachers to implement computer clubs in these schools and implement a 50/50 policy for computer usage so that girls are not left behind. During holidays every Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9-12pm. Using Read more

Digital In Education

What can we do to advance education in Africa where resources are scarce? Use Technology, its sustainable and scalable. Build digital tools that rural and community schools can use to support teachers where there are not enough. Help students understand difficult concepts that their teachers cannot teach. When classroom hours are not enough for teachers Read more


As an organization, We are working to contribute to the achievement the 17 SDGs in the world by 2030, However we are specifically focusing on 1. Goal 1: No Poverty by training in entrepreneurship and giving work through digital jobs to young women 2. Goal 4: Quality Education through use of Technology 3. Goal 5: Read more

Upcoming Opportunities and Events


Apple Entrepreneur Camp
For organizations founded and led by women.

We believe apps for everyone should be made by everyone.
Research shows that women face unique challenges in technology, especially when starting and leading companies. That’s why we created Apple Entrepreneur Camp, for organizations founded and led by women.* Our goal is to help these entrepreneurs as they create the next generation of cutting-edge apps and to form a global network that encourages the pipeline and longevity of women in technology. Apply here


Are you interested in Software Development. WITU is inviting all ladies pursuing courses in IT interested in internship to please pick application forms from WITU. The internship will run from 26th June to 11th August, 2018. apply here









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Transforming girls lives through mentoring, teaching, connecting. Through our Hub that is a safe space for them to learn Code, Business, Health and Life skills. women get a chance to connect through the first women focused business hub.


We have trained 45000 Young women and counting!

WITU is registered in both; UGANDA - As a non profit and the USA as a 501 (c) 3 Non profit entity.

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