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The event that took place on the 25th November at the WITU Hub was under the theme ‘Understanding Financial Management’ through saving, book keeping and budgeting and was attended by the WITU alumni and other people who were interested in the event.
The ladies arrived on time by 4:00pm as they socialized they watched a memory lane video as we waited for the rest to arrive. We started off with a prayer by Miriam who gave opening remarks and introduced the theme to the ladies.

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The ladies then watched a testimonial video about how saving, bookkeeping and budgeting has helped the businesses they’re running. The ladies then shared their opinions about the theme.

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Ms Irene Kituyi, the guest speaker, then came in to talk more about the day’s theme, she talked about the importance of budgeting, how to budget and how to prioritize when it comes to spending. Ms Irene emphasized the importance of written budgets, as it helps you track your expenditure. She then talked about the different kinds of expenditure that is fixed expenditure, investment and retirement plan.

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The ladies also came up with what they would want to hear in our next event which include;
• Marketing which included online marketing, how to customer’s, branding, advertising, how to control profits.
• Investments these included how to get investments.
• Insurance how to get insurance.
• How to get capital
• When do get a loan for your business
• How to expand your business.

The event was then summed up with Tea and Snack as the ladies socialized.

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