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The Android Developer training happened over the weekend on 8th and 9th of August 2014 at WITU HUB.  The training was intended to handle introductory lessons to android development and the benefits and use of the Intel XDK for android development for participants and have working prototype apps by the end of the boot camp.

The trainings took place over the course two days, with morning and afternoon sessions. 58 attended the event over the two days, with majority being female and only 3 male trainees, all at various skill levels of development.

The Day 1 session consisted of an introductory morning session that covered the basic topics around learning Android development. Participants also took part in an app brain-storming session where they were engaged to come up with app ideas they are looking to develop.

The afternoon session moved on to practical hands-on android development with Day 1 lessons covering:

  • An introduction to the Android IDE (Android Development Studio)
  • An Introduction to Java Android Development.
  • Creating your first Android Application
  • Compiling your first Android Application


Day 2 of the training split participants into two groups with intermediate trainees being trained in a separate session from the beginner students for the morning session. This meant that we would be able to be more efficient in training them and delivering content.

We had a total of three trainers, one from Intel and two from WITU, the later two are currently handling the training continuation to have the apps fully developed. Thus creating an Android Developer Club at WITU HUB.

In this session the beginner students were taken through the fundamentals of software development. Two demo applications were developed as a guide for the lesson with students engaged as the development was carried out.

The afternoon session had the students pitch their app ideas to their counter parts. Based on what they’d learned over the course, trainers and trainees offered input to these ideas. These helped participants refine their own app ideas. Four apps were developed and over 10 app ideas created. There were 3 winners chosen out of all the apps.

These lessons were intended to give the participants firsthand knowledge of a developer’s involvement in building android applications, with the end result being that each participant would have a good idea of the steps involved in development and the knowledge to begin creating their own. Most of the participants are keen and eager to further develop their skill and have requested for additional training.

Sarah 18 yrs a senior 4 school drop out , who had never coded before or built anything, was thrilled and eager to pursue the development passion she just developed and looked forward to creating apps on android. Sighting its not as complicated as she always imagined.

95% of the trainees will continue to develop their android development skills and create social applications for their communities.

The training was mostly successful. The participants are equipped to start developing android applications. The training would need to be continued training for these sessions. A large number of the participants expressed interest in continuing these classes. This would be very beneficial to them in the long-term.

Thanks to Intel and WITU for being part of this journey to create a ZERO technological Gender Gap in Africa.


If you would like to join the Android Developer club at WITU, its on saturdays at the WITU HUB 11am to 2pm. Come with a laptop if you have one, if you dont, still come we will provide a computer! Just send an email to info@witug.org. If you would like to Volunteer as a trainer ( and you have excellent Android development skill) please send us an email too!

Its looking bright for African Women and Technology.


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