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The WITU Meet And Greet Cocktail

Theme: Defying the Odds
Date: 29th November 2013
Venue: Hive Colab, 3rd floor, Kanjokya House
Facilitators: Lena Kemigisha, Viola Nuwaha and Victoria Mbabazi


There are limited opportunities for ladies to network and thus we wanted every lady who attended this event to walk away with something that adds significant value to their lives. To possibly learn from or share their story or  gain insight into the unique journeys of different women who have succeeded in their fields of expertise, get acquainted with the various career opportunities that are favoring women today, to understand what challenges are being faced and also better their leadership skills from the experienced women leaders in our society.

This event was organized in such a way that every lady could be comfortable in meeting and socializing with other ladies in different fields of expertise in order to pave way to professional and social associations.


The WITU Meet and Greet Cocktail was tailored to provide actionable strategies and pathways for women at all stages of their careers or academic journeys to successfully position themselves to be the change they have dreamt of being in the world.


Speed Dating Session:

The event kicked off with a Speed dating Session which was moderated  by Lynn Asiimwe and Viola Nuwaha. Everyone was given 3 minutes to get to know each other, after which they would switch to the next person for an equal amount of time. This session helped create an eased out environment as the ladies felt they knew more than just themselves in the room.

Q & A Interactive Session

Lynn Asiimwe facilitated the Q&A session where the ladies present were given the chance to note down questions ranging from programming, web designing, business development to mention a few. These questions were then thrown back to the ladies present in order to get their different points of view on the question chosen and also to further brainstorm on the different aspects related to the topic at hand.

Guest Speakers

The first guest speaker of the evening was Terry Karungi, the production manager of Kola Studios; a mobile and gaming development studio in Uganda. She spoke of her journey from co-developed Matatu a gaming application and excited the ladies with her techie humor as Lynn interviewed her about how  she has and still is defying the odds in a male dominated field. She urged the attendees to surround themselves in supportive networks in case they intended to venture out in the Tech Business.

Asked on how to balance a startup and social Life, Terry mentioned Prioritizing and being result oriented as the line of balance.

The excitement grew when Terry posed a question to audience and asked them what kind of animal they would love to be. After getting opinions from the audience, she told them of how she only wanted to be an eagle. Believe me you, listening to Terry explain why she wanted to be an eagle, left the whole crowd thinking of being only one animal.. an eagle.

 The second speaker of the evening was Lisa Stern, one of the founders of Uconnect. She shared her experience about being a woman in Tech, who has worked all over Africa as well as her perception on the Technological gender inequality in Africa. She also spoke of how she has brought up her family whilst doing all her work in Africa.

Introducing WITU

Victoria Mbabazi, program coordinator of WITU gave a presentation about what Women In Technology Uganda actually is. She highlighted the vision and the training programs WITU is organizing and is involved in. She then invited the ladies to get involved in WITU through a vast number of ways. She involved the audience and showed them how their involvement would be a step at creating a world with gender equality, if each one made an effort in their different capacities.

Closing Remarks

Barbara Birungi, director of Hive Colab and founder WITU thanked all the ladies who graciously took off time to come for the cocktail. She called on the ladies to change the statistics and be the reason for the technological balance and furthermore to use their God given talents and abilities to be entrepreneurs and make a difference by being a solution to a problem. She said we needed to take a step further than we have to do things that we deem hard and thus eliminate our lazy tendencies of sitting back and waiting for things to be done for us. As she closed, she welcomed the ladies to WITU and gave them an early invite for the first WITU event of 2014


The room was filled with about 70 ladies clad in heels, flip flops and pumps. These varied in profession as we had Tech enthusiasts, business women and also students like; Code Girls MUBS, Code Girls MAK and other university ladies.


We extend our sincere appreciation to Hive Colab for providing us with an ambience suiting of the event, to our guest speakers of the evening Ms. Terry Karungi and Mrs. Lisa Stern and most importantly to all the ladies who took off time to come and be part of this event.

We look forward to seeing many more ladies at our 1st event of 2014.

Many Thanks!!!