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Exciting Creative Enterprise Program With British Council is Here!!

The CEP is a four-day practical workshop that equips creative entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed. Expert facilitators, as well as local market specialists, will provide face-to-face support to help entrepreneurs explore business ideas, develop their business proposition, and create a business model that suits their hopes and motivations.
This interactive programme brings Nesta’s Creative Enterprise Toolkit to life, and uses a mixture of practical exercises and activities that have been designed specifically for the programme.
Through the four days, participants explore key ways to:
• Understand the building blocks that describe and will shape their business opportunity
• Identify and better understand customers, and explore how the business will function and grow
• visualize the main components of the business and bring together the key elements of a business plan
• The CEP builds on the Creative Enterprise Toolkit in a supportive peer-to-peer learning context. A Nesta workshop facilitator and creative business expert, who brings a wealth of experience, presents the content and offers participants advice and guidance for getting their products and services to market. Through interactive exercises and activities, participants will gain a better understanding of how to develop their business.
CLICK on the link below for more info!

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