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Code Girls Launch: Kyambogo College School

On 27th April 2013, Women in Technology Uganda, WITU, will be celebrating with the rest of the world, the annual Girls In ICT day at Kyambogo College School. A high school found in one of the suburbs of Kampala.

We will be launching CODE GIRLS, a new program that will introduce the awesomeness of digital media to girls in high school. The program will be mainly introductory to give the girls a taste of what majoring in Technology will be like.

On top of introducing things like coding and web design, there will also be a short career guidance session done. The school computer laboratory is expected to hold about 60-80 girls.

We are very excited about the opportunity to talk to young fresh minds and to help in their molding process. One of WITU’s core objectives is to encourage more girls to join the ICT sector in Uganda, and we feel that CODE GIRLS is one way we can see this happen.

If you would like Code Girls to come to your school or you know some schools that would be interested, please send us an eMail at viola@witug.org or victoria@witug.org

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