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Over the weekend, Women in Technology Uganda collaborated with Hive Colab to host an All Girls Hackathon. It was held on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th July, 2016 at Hive Colab. This Hackathon brought together over 30 ladies passionate about technology with big ideas to impact their communities positively.


The ladies were welcomed by our Executive Director, Ms Barbara Birungi – who spoke about the objective of the Hackathon. WITU and Hive Colab set out to get more women working on the many ideas they have to motivate and inspire them to build careers in the Tech field.



After a few speakers that gave brief talks about a wide range of topics: Ideation, Business Modelling, Product Iteration – the ladies got to work. They formed groups of 5-7 members to start working! It is amazing to see ladies of all age groups come together and discuss real challenges in the communities that needed to be tackled.



Pitching time was the most fun. To say these ladies came up with good ideas is an understatement. They were brilliant! At the end of the day though, we have one winner. Mpolako app is an app that will connect people to those that have items that they can hire out or lend. One doesn’t have to buy an item like a camera if they need to it for one-time use. Instead this application will connect you to a person who can lend you the camera at a fee. The runners up were Instant Maid – which is pretty much another Uber for housemaids and nannies and Zimba app – which aims to help people know the road demacations on land before they construct buildings. Who isn’t tired of buildings being demolished in the name of road reserve! Congratulations ladies. We can’t wait to see how big these ideas become.

The brains behind Mpolako App

The brains behind Mpolako App

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