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9-year-old girl creates app to coordinate play dates

After just coming off a summer filled with kids declaring their constant boredom, I’m sure that many a parent can appreciate the genius of a new app that is currently in development. But it took the insider knowledge of a kid to create the perfect app for coordinating play dates with other kids.
Alexandra Jordan, 9, recently made headlines at the Disrupt Hackathon event with her creation, Super Fun Kid Time, an app made for scheduling kids’ play dates. As Alexandra explains in the video below, the app allows parents to enter information about their children such as where they go to school and who their teacher is to sort through a list of kids who might also be up for a play date. Presumably, there would be some security features in place to ensure that some random creep couldn’t get access to a class list and start harassing parents for play dates.
Super Fun Kid Time emerged as an audience favorite during the event, partially thanks to Alexandra’s youth and fun-loving presentation. Check it out:

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