WITU Tech Kids

The WITU Tech Kids Program run two periods

During school terms, we train girls from ages of 6-13 once a week

During holidays every Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9-12pm.

Using the KANO computer kits, we introduce the kids to computer science. The kids are engaged in a creative process of visualization where they are prompted to come up with stories on paper, white board and verbally that they then transform using Scratch. We also use tools like Typing Master to help the children increase their speed of typing while making them familiar with the computer environment. We use Scratch to introduce them to coding at an early age in a fun and egging way.

The goal of this program is to get more children engaged in the STEM environment at an early stage of their lives so that they are inquisitive of the STEM fields as they grow up. Its at this early age that children form opinions about different career options and fields, most times unfortunately STEM is discouraged for girls. Its at this stage that girls decide not to engage in STEM but other fields and all opinions around them as they group up just reinforce this decision.We have  found that this training also improves girls ability to think logically, deeply and creatively which contributes to improved learning outcomes in school.