Internship Program

The Internship Program is for young ladies pursing degrees in the Technology and Engineering fields and also youth that have a technological certificate, diploma and/or a degree with basic computing and coding knowledge. They are offered industry relevant technical skill training in application development, computer networking, hardware repair and employ-ability skills by WITU or a technical partner. At the end of each training WITU HUB hosts a HACKATHON where the young women are encouraged to identify a need/problem they can solve using their newly acquired/improved skill. Young women are then supported and recommended to different organizations in the market for employment and  furtherinternship opportunities.

Out of this Hackathon, it is our intent that startup businesses and business models are created, application prototypes are built and a 3 months acceleration program follows at Hive Colab – our sister, where the young ladies are helped to refine their business ideas and models into real business ventures through its incubation program. With business development advise the young women build enterprises that earn income and also employ other youths thus eliminating poverty and unemployment in Uganda.

The ladies will also be able to increase their chances of finding a job after under taking this training in and around the Tech and Engineering fields.