Digital Jobs Enterprise

WITU offers a range of data and content solutions to today’s leading companies and organizations. Our model trains young women in quality Tech skills and then sources Digital work for the young women to execute under our supervision. Our packages include:


Data processing services;

  1. Data digitization and entry
  2. Content creation
  3. Data collection
  4. Data verification

IT training;

  1. Microsoft Office Suite
  2. Software Development /Programming Languages and platforms (Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, PHP, Android, Windows, Graphics [adobe suite + unity/ blender])
  3. Content Management Systems (WordPress, Joomla)
  4. The Internet – Using Google for Business
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. Business consultancy
  7. Research
  8. General office etiquette

Some of our customers include;

Tugende Driven

The external training program is where individuals and or companies approach us to train them or their employees in the different fields that we train in. We are flexible and can either carry out the training at the WITU Hub or any other place of your convenience.