The WITU Hub  hosts computer skills training sessions, networking events, workshops, conferences, business meetings and seminars, meet ups, and brunches for women in tech, business and young girls to further support the increase in number of women in Technology and business in Uganda.  Some of the events that we have held include;

  1. Women In Tech and start ups network; A monthly meet up program for women in tech, women in business an women interested in tech. The discussions are around careers, tech start ups, creating a women network and sharing opportunities and challenges. creating solutions collectively. this is hosted every 3rd Friday of the month.
  2.   The Urban Collab Lab :Designing New Platforms for a Better Kampala

    This was a two-day workshop organised by the Little Cloud Corp, Hive Colab and WITU where they partnered with our students and local organizations to envision technology that addresses challenges and opportunities related directly to the lives of young women living in Kampala today.

    Participants gained training in user experience design while exploring creative concepts for technology and products that could positively impact the city taking into account that, in a world where there are more mobile phones than people, technology can have a lasting and positive impact on health, safety, and media issues in a city like Kampala.

  3. Digital Divas
    The Guest speaker was Donna Hindson, the UK Trade marketing director at Microsoft. This one hour talk was about being a Global Digital Diva and what a tech career holds. It also had a session where two women that have worked with an International  Technology Giant gave advice to the attendees.

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